Stars Rewards Program - Rebates and Rewards (“Rebate and Reward Terms”)

Your participation in the Stars Rewards program, as provided by The Stars Group, shall be deemed to constitute your full acceptance of the Rebate and Reward Terms.

  1. Participation in the Stars Rewards program is subject to the Rebate and Reward terms as set out hereunder. We reserve the right to modify, add to or delete these Rebate and Reward Terms at all times, and your continued participation in the program shall serve as your acceptance of and acknowledgement that you will be bound by these Rebate and Reward Terms. You are encouraged to review these Rebate and Reward Terms and the other Stars Rewards pages on a regular basis to keep up to date with its provisions and amendments.

  2. Membership in the Stars Rewards program is free and available to individuals residing in countries where such membership is allowed. Participation in some countries may be prohibited by local law.

  3. Players will not start earning reward points or Rewards until they have opted into the Stars Rewards program via the Start Now button accessed via the Start button in the software – found in the main lobby or within the ‘My Stars’ menu.

  4. Membership is offered at our discretion, to provide loyal customers with cash rebates and an opportunity to win additional rewards for prior real money gaming, and may be denied. Any such decision to deny membership shall be at the sole discretion of The Stars Group and shall not be open to appeal or review.

  5. Rebates and Rewards (together with any reward points that may be accumulated as part of this program) may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way. Rebates and Rewards can only be won, and reward points can only be accumulated, via real money play – when a reward point target is reached, players will win randomized Rewards in exchange for those points, as detailed in the Stars Rewards FAQ. Rewards may include cash, game credit or StarsCoin (a virtual currency which may be exchanged for certain goods via the Rewards Store, in the software).

  6. Some rewards won via Stars Rewards may be subject to play-through requirements.

  7. Occasionally, we would like to use (without compensation) the name, image and likeness of players who receive a reward with a value greater than $9,999 in marketing communications or for general publicity purposes, however we will seek and obtain your consent in advance to enable us to engage in such activity. Equally, we will seek your consent if we wish for you to perform interviews (without compensation) with selected press agencies as we may choose, in relation to your win.

  8. Any abuse of the Stars Rewards program (whether by collusion, cheating or other forms of impropriety) or failure to follow the Rebate and Reward Terms may result in the termination of your membership and forfeiture of all accrued Rewards, reward points and StarsCoin. Any betting activity which is carried out fraudulently or in attempt to receive rewards without real money play will result in the forfeiture of associated rewards. Our End User Licence Agreement also applies to the Stars Rewards program.

  9. Stars Rewards program membership and benefits are provided at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to terminate and/or amend the Stars Rewards program membership and benefits at any time.

  10. Decisions of staff and management about any aspect of the Stars Rewards program will be final and not open to review or appeal.

Last amended January 31, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Support.



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Rewards Store

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