Stars Rewards

The Stars Rewards program makes it easy to win rewards tailored to you, across all our gaming products. Earn reward points every time you play real money games (subject to certain conditions). Collect enough points to complete your progress bar and you’ll win a Chest loaded with rewards you’ll want to use - including StarsCoin and free play!

Personalised Rewards

Get rewards you’ll want to use in the games you like to play, tailored to you, when you play for real money across all our available products.

Reward Points

Play for real money and earn reward points. Points fill your on-screen progress bar - complete it to win a Chest filled with personalised rewards, just for you.


Chests can be collected and opened before, during or after your session, and contain rewards that relate to the activities you enjoy! Rewards can range from StarsCoin that you can spend in the Rewards Store, to cash rebates a variety of tickets and items tailored to you and the games you like to play. There are six different Chest types of increasing size and value.


Level 1: Blue Chest

Level 1: Blue Chest


Level 2: Bronze Chest

Level 2: Bronze Chest

From $0.72 to $12

Level 3: Silver Chest

Level 3: Silver Chest

From $1.80 to $30

Level 4: Gold Chest

Level 4: Gold Chest

From $6 to $100

Level 5: Diamond Chest

Level 5: Diamond Chest

From $15 to $250

Level 6: Black Chest

Level 6: Black Chest

From $42 to $700

You can manage all of your rewards in the ‘My Stars’ area of your account.


Win StarsCoin in Chests, which you use to play games or spend in the Rewards Store. Click here to learn more.

Progress Bars

Earn enough reward points to complete your progress bar and you’ll receive your next Chest.

  • Win at least one Chest in every rolling 28-day period to remain on your current Chest level.
  • Win 10 Chests within 28 days and we’ll upgrade you to a bigger Chest, which will require more points to unlock but will contain bigger rewards on average (see above). Your progress bar will turn blue when you’re approaching an upgrade, and we’ll let you know exactly how long you have left to earn it.
  • If 28 days pass and you have not won a Chest, your progress bar will reset and you’ll be moved down a level, where Chests will be easier to win but will contain a lower value of rewards on average. If you are at a higher level than the Blue Chests then, when your progress bar resets, you’ll receive a Chest from your new, lower level. Progress bars on the Blue Chest level will reset after three calendar months of inactivity.


If you are at a higher level than the Blue Chests, you will be able to exchange your progress bar for a lower level Chest.

If you are eligible to exchange your progress bar, you will see the option available to you in ‘My Stars’.

Stars Rewards Spin & Go Tournaments

If you play poker with us, your Chest may contain a ticket to play a Stars Rewards Spin & Go poker tournament.

Like regular Spin & Go’s, these three-player tournaments feature small starting stacks, blinds that rise quickly, and a winner-takes-all prize pool determined by a random spinner before play begins.

Here are the prizes you can win, as well as the probabilities of hitting each prize tier:

$5,000 1 in 1,000,000
$100 30 in 1,000,000
$50 75 in 1,000,000
$10 2,500 in 1,000,000
$5 15,000 in 1,000,000
$2.50 100,000 in 1,000,000
$1.50  511,712 in 1,000,000
$1 370,682 in 1,000,000

Please Note: in Stars Rewards Spin & Go Tournaments, we reserve the right to make changes to the prize structure in order to offer tickets of an equal value to existing cash prizes.

How to Earn Reward Points

Reward point requirements depend on the Chest type you are playing towards, but are also personalised based on your profile. Some of the factors which impact points requirements are recent activity, game-type and net deposits.

You’ll earn reward points at different rates, depending on your gaming activity:

  • Casino: Reward points are earned at the point of wagering. Click here for a breakdown of earn rates by game-type, as well as how to earn redemption points playing Casino games (to clear bonuses).
    • Non-USD bets are converted to USD based on the mid-market exchange rate for reward point calculation purposes.
  • Poker: Players earn 45 reward points for every USD $1 paid in fees for scheduled tournaments, and 100 reward points for every USD $1 paid in rake in Zoom or cash games or other tournament fees (130 reward points for every £1, 80 points for every CAD $1, and 110 points for every €1).
    • Players do not earn reward points at pot-limit and no-limit tables with blinds of $5/$10 or higher, 8-game tables with stakes of $20-$40 or higher, or other limit games with stakes of $20-$40 or higher.
  • Sports: Reward points are earned when a bet is settled. For singles bets, players earn 3.3 reward points for every $1 wagered. For multiple/accumulator bets, players earn 9.3 reward points for every $1 wagered.
    • Bets made in non-USD currencies are converted to USD based on the mid-market exchange rate (as per for reward point calculation purposes.
    • Reward points are not awarded for bets that are cashed out if the cashed out value is equal to the initial bet amount.
      • Example: if you bet $10 and cash out for $10, you will earn zero reward points. But if you bet $10 and cash out for more or less than $10, you will earn reward points.

Here’s the probability of winning each prize value within each Chest level:

$0.60 $0.72 $1.80 $6 $15 $42 110 in 1,000
$0.84 $2.10 $7 $17.50 $49 310 in 1,000
$1.20 $3 $10 $25 $70 530 in 1,000
$3.60 $9 $30 $75 $210 34 in 1,000
$6 $15 $50 $125 $350 15 in 1,000
$12 $30 $100 $250 $700 1 in 1,000

Please note that Chests, rewards and progress bars can expire if unused.

  • Chests will expire after 30 days if unopened, and expired Chests cannot be retrieved.
  • Rewards you receive within Chests can also expire – check your rewards under ‘My Stars’ for details of individual expiry dates.
  • Progress Bars will reset if you do not win a Chest within a 28-day period, and you will be moved to a lower Chest level. If you are at level 2 or higher and your progress bar expires, you will receive a Chest from your new, lower level upon expiry. Blue Chest level progress bars will reset after three calendar months of inactivity.


Stars Rewards Scheme - Rebates and Rewards

By opting in and participating in the Stars Rewards scheme (“Stars Rewards Scheme”) you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (the “Rebate and Reward Terms”).

Membership of the Stars Rewards Scheme is free and available to all registered players that reside in countries where such membership is allowed. Participation in some countries may be prohibited by local law.

  1. The Stars Rewards Scheme offers our loyal customers to the opportunity to win rebates (“Rebates”) and rewards (“Rewards”) and earn reward points (“Reward Points”) through real money play on our websites.
  2. You will not start earning Reward Points or any Rebates or Rewards until you have opted into the Stars Rewards Scheme. To do so, click the ‘Start Now’ button which can be accessed via the Start button in the software. This can be found in the main lobby or within the ‘My Stars’ menu.
  3. Rebates and Rewards (together with any Reward Points that may be accumulated as part of the Stars Rewards Scheme) may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way. Rebates and Rewards can only be won and Reward Points can only be accumulated, via real money play on our site. When a Reward Point target is reached, you will win a randomly allocated Reward in exchange for the Reward Points that you accumulate. Rewards may include cash, game credit or StarsCoin (our virtual loyalty token that can only be exchanged for certain goods via the Rewards Store).
  4. Some Rewards can take the form of a cash amount or bonus and may be subject to play-through requirements [which require you to earn a certain number of redemption points (“Redemption Points”) by wagering the bonus funds, in order to release the cash amount]. Redemption Point earning rates may depend on the type of game being played.
  5. In the event you win a prize as a Reward or through your Reward Points, we may refer to your Stars ID as the winner. However, we will not use your name, image and/or likeness for publicity and marketing purposes without your written consent. Equally, we will seek your consent if we wish for you to perform interviews (without compensation) with selected press agencies as we may choose, in relation to your win.
  6. If, following a review or investigation, you are found to have abused, or attempted to abuse, the Stars Rewards Scheme or breached the Rebate and Reward Terms, we may terminate your membership and you will forfeit any Rewards, Reward Points and StarsCoin accrued to you as at the point of termination. Furthermore, we you will be liable to reimburse us for any Rewards earned by such abuse that you have already cashed out. “Abuse” includes, but is not limited to claiming or seeking to claim Reward Points for void (or voided) bets, colluding or being associated with third parties on our site who have been banned or self-excluded.
  7. We may also reverse any award of Rewards given to you, and you will be liable to reimburse us for any Rewards cashed out, to any player where the determination to grant that player a Reward or the level of Reward credited to the player is as a result of manifest error, fraud, or technical failure.
  8. We reserve the right at any time to make minor amendments or alterations to these Rebate and Reward Terms so as to correct errors or improve clarity and comprehension for the benefit of our players. Furthermore but in all cases acting reasonably, we may alter these Rebate and Reward Terms as well as suspend, cancel or withdraw any Rewards to players if; (a) we reasonably believe that the Stars Rewards Scheme is being abused by an individual or group of individuals which undermines the integrity of the Stars Rewards Scheme; or (b) required to do so as a result of any legal or regulatory change; or (c) there are other valid reasons that prevent us from continuing the Stars Rewards Scheme provided of course that the reason is sufficiently serious such as a failure of our systems or due to manifest error. Any proposed material changes will be either notified to you directly and/or published on our site.

Last amended March 2021.

If you have any queries, please visit our Help Center as this is the quickest and most efficient route to getting any question answered.