Stars Account Security Tokens

Protect Your Account with an RSA Security Token from the Rewards Store!

Our Casino is the safest and most secure place to play online, with cutting-edge technology that helps keep your account protected, and maintain the integrity of our games. It always pays to be vigilant though, and you can protect your account even further with an RSA Security Token from the Rewards Store.

Using an RSA token is the best way to make sure you stay safe while playing online. It’s a handy device that generates an extra password you use to log-in to the game client. Each password only shows on the screen for a few seconds. After that, a new password is generated, and the old one expires. This gives your account ‘two-factor’ authentication, which maximizes its security. It can even be attached to a key-ring, making it great for when you are on the move.

The RSA token once activated is unique to your Stars Account and cannot be used with another account. It also cannot be used with a third party application that uses an RSA token, neither can tokens provided by a third party be used with your Stars Account. Once a RSA Security Token is enabled for your account, you will be required to enter your RSA Security Passcode every time you login.

The RSA Security Passcode is a combination of two elements:

  1. Your four-digit RSA Security PIN followed by
  2. The six-digits currently displayed on the window of your RSA Security Token.

Note that the RSA Security PIN is not related to your Stars PIN.

How to order and set up your RSA Token

There are three steps to this process:

  1. Order your RSA Security Token from the Rewards Store
  2. Activate your RSA Security Token in the software (you need to tell the software that you have received a token)
  3. Enable your RSA Security Token for use when logging in

Ordering your RSA Token

After you have received your RSA Security Token, you will need to activate it.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click ‘Account’, then select ‘Settings’ and ‘RSA Security Token’.
  3. Click ‘Activate RSA Security Token’ and follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Enter the RSA Security Token Serial number into the prompt and click on ‘Next’. The Serial number is on the back of the token, and has nine-digits, starting with 20......:
    The token’s serial number is printed on a sticker and also engraved onto the token.
  5. Read the explanation of the Passcode and click on ‘Next’.
  6. Create a four-digit PIN. This is the first half of the Passcode. Then click on ‘Next’.
  7. Enter your Passcode – this is the four-digit code created immediately above, followed by the six-digit number currently displayed on the front of the window of the RSA Security Token:
    The total length of the Passcode is ten-digits:
    (RSA Security PIN) + (Token Code) = (RSA Security Passcode)
    (Your secret PIN code) + (The numbers on the window of the token) = (RSA Security Passcode)
    (4 digits) + (6 digits) = (10 digits)
    1234 + 590616 = 1234590616
    Click ‘Next’ after you enter your token code.
  8. Congratulations! Your RSA Security Token is now activated. Now that you have told the server that you have a RSA Security Token, you need to tell the server to require it for login.

Enabling your RSA Token for use when logging in

After you have told the software that you have received your token, you need to tell the software to start requiring its use during login.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click ‘Account’, then click ‘Settings’ and ‘RSA Security Token’.
  3. Tick the checkbox next to ‘Enable RSA Security Token’.
  4. Provide the information requested in the dialog box. This prevents someone from turning your Account Security Enhancements on or off without your permission.
  5. Wait for confirmation from the software that your new login settings are active. You will also receive an email confirming that your login settings have been changed.

Disabling your RSA Token

To disable the feature, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in
  2. Click ‘Account’.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ and ‘RSA Security Token’.
  4. Select ‘Disable RSA Security Token’.

Each token will only be limited by the length of its RSA license, which is 3 years. The token's expiry date is engraved on the back of the token. At the conclusion of the token life, you will be able to order a new token from the Rewards Store.

If you have any questions about purchasing or using an RSA Security Token, please visit the Help Center or contact Support.

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