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General PokerStars Questions:

What are your Terms Of Service? I am having troubles downloading, installing or using the PokerStars software. I would like to play under different names. Can I have more than one account? I lost my password! How can I help keep my PokerStars account secure? I am not getting PokerStars emails delivered to my inbox. Can I change the language the software appears in? How can I make sure I always get emails in my preferred language? Will this affect the language I receive poker hand histories in? Do you offer a software version for Mac? Where can I find out more about your game software?

Poker Game Play

What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand? What happens if the system crashes in the middle of a game? The poker game I wish to join is full. What should I do? What is the minimum buy-in? What is a ‘rake’? How much is the PokerStars rake in poker games? How do I know how much money is in the pot? Does the poker software allow me to muck the winning poker hand? How do I request a hand history? How many hand histories can I request? How do I request my poker play statistics? What are FPPs? How can I use them? I see a little ‘N’ underneath some players images...what is this? Can I play at the same table as my friend?

Online Poker Chat

What are your chat rules? What should I do if someone is abusing the chat feature?


How do I make an image for myself? I find the images at the table distracting. How do I turn them off? I don't like my chosen image any more. Can I change it?

Game Integrity

How can you ensure the integrity of your games? Does PokerStars use props or shills? Are PokerStars employees allowed to play on your site? I see that many well-known players are representing PokerStars in many poker tournament events and play weekend challenge matches against a weekly poker tournament leader. They are obviously associated with PokerStars. Why are they allowed to play poker in money games and poker tournaments on your site?

Poker Tournaments

Where can I view upcoming poker tournaments? How do I register for a poker tournament? Can I play at more than one table at the same time? I played a poker tournament several days ago, and the information is no longer displayed in the lobby. How do I retrieve it? If I am faced with a difficult decision in a poker tournament, may I "request time"? What happens if a tournament needs to be cancelled? I qualified for an event that I can no longer play in... What do I do?

Play Money Poker Games

Can I start playing poker on PokerStars now? How many play money poker chips do I start with? What if I run out of chips? How do I recognize the play money poker tables?

Buying Play Money poker chips

Can I buy Play Money chips with real money? Can I buy Play Money chips for a friend as a gift? Are there Play Money transfer limits between players? Why do you have limits on Play Money transfers? Can I exchange Play Money chips for real money? Can I trade Play Money chips with other players or sites? Can I get a refund on Play Money chips I purchased but won’t use? What payment methods can I use to purchase Play Money chips? I am having problems purchasing Play Money chips, how do I get help? How do these purchases appear on my statement? Where can I see my Play Money purchase history? How do I know if my purchase has been successful? My payment method was debited but my Play Money chips were not credited? Can I purchase Play Money Chips from my Mobile device?

Real Money Poker

Can I play for real money? Why is my credit card being declined, and what can I do? Will PokerStars ever require me to send my credit card details via email? Can I transfer money to another user, or receive a transfer? Is my PokerStars account balance used for your operational expenses or is it kept in a separate account?

Why I should play on PokerStars?

Most importantly, why should I play online poker on PokerStars?

PokerStars Star Codes

What is a Star Code? How and where do I get a Star Code? I have a Star Code, how do I use it? I have entered my Star Code, how do I know it worked? I have more than one Star Code, can I use them all? I entered the code and did not receive the pop up message. What do I need to do now? Is there anywhere else I can check that a bonus or tournament ticket has been applied to my account? I received my Star Code. How long is it valid?


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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

We are committed to responsible gaming, and are dedicated to an enjoyable and positive gaming experience.

Special Offers

Special Offers

PokerStars has special offers running all year round, with cash prizes, seats to the best live events and much more.

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