Casino Instant Bonus FAQ

How can I get a Casino Instant Bonus? What is a Casino Instant Bonus? Where can I check my Casino Instant Bonuses? Can I see my Casino Instant Bonus balance at Casino tables or games? In what order will my funds (Casino Instant Bonus and real money) be spent? Can I withdraw Casino Instant Bonus funds? What if I have more than one Casino Instant Bonus in my account? Can my Casino Instant Bonus expire? I received a pop-up about a Casino Instant Bonus, what happens if I click ‘Accept’? If you choose to ‘Decline’ the Casino Instant Bonus, the pop-up window will disappear and no further actions will be needed. What if I don’t wish to use the Casino Instant Bonus I have received? What happens when I surrender a Casino Instant Bonus? What is the surrender value? What happens when I pause a Casino Instant Bonus? How can I resume my Casino Instant Bonus? What do I need to do to convert my Casino Instant Bonus to real money? Can I use the Casino Instant Bonus I received on all games, or only specific games? I tried surrendering my Casino Instant Bonus, but no real money was credited to my account - why? I played Roulette but didn’t earn any redemption points, why? Can I use my Casino Instant Bonus to play poker? Why can’t I use my bonus on Live Dealer Roulette? I had a Casino Instant Bonus in my account but I can no longer see it - what happened?

If you have any further questions about Casino Instant Bonuses, please contact Support.

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