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Sending acceptable documents

We can only accept documents that are legible, clear and uncropped. Documents that are of poor quality or cropped are difficult to verify and cannot be accepted.

Digital photos:

  • We suggest using a digital camera or smartphone, if available, to take a clear photo of the requested documents.
  • If you are sending a digital photo of your documents, take the photo in a well-lit room without flash.
  • You can also activate the macro feature on your digital camera or smartphone for photos taken from a close range. You can find this feature in your digital camera / smartphone focus settings.

Scanned photos:

  • Send us colour copies of at least 600dpi image resolution for good quality photos.
  • We do not accept black and white copies of documents.

Please send us your documents via the client:

  1. Go to 'Help / Contact Support' via the main menu in the lobby.
  2. Select 'Account Security and Verification' > 'Upload Documents'


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