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Jackpot rounds in The Deal

For every 7 StarsCoin that are used to buy into The Deal, we add $0.02263 to the progressive jackpot - 78.7% goes into the current jackpot and 21.3% is set aside for future jackpots. $0.0035 will be retained by us. The rest is distributed to players in the form of regular prizes.

Each jackpot starts at $25,000, so no matter when you win it, you're guaranteed a big payday.

If you are dealt a royal flush (playing a 7 StarsCoin buy-in) or dealt a straight flush or better (playing a 70 StarsCoin buy-in), you will be taken straight to a prize wheel jam-packed with big cash prizes, including the jackpot.

If another player reaches the jackpot round when you’re logged in via the desktop software, you'll get an invite to watch the player spin the wheel and see the drama unfold live.

When you hit the jackpot, you get 50% of the jackpot straight into your account, while the remaining 50% is split between everyone who played The Deal in the past 12 hours.


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