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Issue opening the Casino lobby (empty, black or white page)

An empty, black or white page in the Casino lobby may indicate that components of our program are being blocked by security software (firewall/antivirus) .

Open the security software's control panel (often by double clicking the security software's icon near the Windows system clock or locating it under the Start Menu). Next, click on the Programs tab (or otherwise locate the program list). There may be a number of items in the program list:


  • PokerStars.exe
  • PokerStarsUpdate.exe
  • PokerStarsCommunicate.exe
  • PokerstarsBr.exe
  • PokerStarsComp.exe (.NET only)
  • Tracer.exe
  • xc.exe
  • xcw.exe
  • xcwxp.exe

Full Tilt

  • FullTilt.exe
  • FullTiltUpdate.exe
  • FullTiltOnlineUpdate.exe
  • FullTiltCommunicate.exe
  • FullTiltBr.exe
  • Tracer.exe
  • xc.exe
  • xcw.exe
  • xcwxp.exe

Add all the program components mentioned in the list. For each of these, changing Block All to Permit All (or to the least restrictive permissions) should be sufficient to resolve this issue.

The instructions for accomplishing this step vary and for further assistance contact the security software provider.


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