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UK license information and FAQ

Questions and answers about upgrading to our .UK software

We have a UK version of our software which is fully licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling commission. All players who are residents of the UK or British territories must upgrade to the .UK software, which offers you the opportunity to play with the same players in the same games that you enjoyed on our old software.

Upgrading your Stars Account is straightforward and if you have any questions you should find the answer below:

Q: When was the move to the .UK platform?
A: The migration from our .COM platform to the .UK platform started at 14:00 GMT on November 3 2014.

Q: How do I move my Stars Account?
A: Simply log into our software with your existing Stars Account, then follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade the software and move your Stars Account to our .UK platform.

Q: Can I create a new Stars Account without having to move my old one?
A: No. If you are a resident of the UK and have a Stars Account, you must move your Stars Account to the .UK platform.

Q: Can I move my Stars Account on my mobile?
A: It is not possible to upgrade using our iOS app but you can upgrade using our Android app or desktop software. Once you have upgraded our software, remember to uninstall the old app and use the .UK app to play in the future (you can use the .UK iOS app once your Stars Account has been upgraded using one of the other available operating systems).

Q: Same games - same opponents?
A: You can still access the same great games and tournaments. You are also able to play against the same players that are on the .COM software. The player pool has not changed.

Q: How does the process work?
A: The whole process should only take a few minutes. You simply need to log into your existing Stars Account, then follow the prompts to upgrade to the .UK version of the software. Your Stars ID and password do not change and you will still have access to all of the usual games and promotions. All balances on your account will remain the same including your Star Rewards. These will be immediately available after you have completed the customer verification requirements of the UK license.

Q: What changes will I experience?
A: Very few. You will be required to complete the UK customer verification requirements, review and accept the updated Terms & Conditions, as well as our updated Privacy Policy, and you will need to update our software (see above), but otherwise, you will continue to have access to all games and offers provided on the .COM platform.

Q: Will my Star Rewards be affected?
A: Star Rewards remain the same.

Q: Are there any tax implications that will affect me as a player?
A: The Stars Group, like all other operators, is required to pay UK gaming tax at 15%.The UK tax will not impact winnings/withdrawals, deposits or transfers - we are not required to withhold taxes from any such transactions.

Q: Is there anything that could prevent me from completing the move to .UK software?
A: Yes, there are some scenarios where you would need to take action to complete the move (which is required to keep playing). These are:

  • I am registered in tournaments (action: please unregister from any tournaments you are registered in), then complete the steps under 'How do I move my Stars Account'
  • I have a pending cashout (action: please wait until processed (up to 48 hours), or cancel it through the CashierPending Withdrawals, then complete the steps under 'How do I move my Stars Account').
  • I have excluded myself from play (action: wait until the self-exclusion has expired, then complete the steps under 'How do I move my Stars Account')

Q: Do I have to move to the .UK software?
A: Yes, the move is mandatory for all players residing in the UK. If you are not a resident of the UK and have been asked to move your account to the .UK software, please contact us. The log files can be forwarded to us via our Contact Support form. A link to the form can be found in the Help menu of our software or under Contact Us on our website.

Q: How long does it take to move to .UK software?
A: Not long at all! All you need to do is go through a simple set of instructions and accept downloading the new software - the entire process should be complete within minutes.

Q: Can I keep playing with my friends from other countries?
A: Yes, absolutely. You are not segregated or moved away from the general population on the .COM software at all.

Q: Can I play if I am visiting another country?
A: You will be able to play on the .UK software when visiting another country for a limited period of time.

Q: Will player transfers be available?
A: Yes. You can still send and receive transfers to other players.

Q: I have an account on .FR, can I continue to play on there?
A: No, you will no longer be allowed to play on the .FR software. Since 14:00 GMT on November 3, 2014, playing on the French .FR site, or any other licence except .UK, is no longer possible within the UK.

Q: I currently use the .NET software, can I upgrade to the .UK software.
A: Yes, you can download the .UK software and enjoy all the extra features and options in the .UK software! Simply download the .UK software and log-in using your existing Stars Account details.

Q: What if I experience any difficulties?
A: Feel free to contact us via our Contact Support form. A link to the form can be found in the Help menu of our software or under Contact Us on our website.


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