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Send documents without scanner

If you do not have access to a scanner, the following options are still available to you.

  • You may take a clear photo of your documents with a digital camera, a camera phone or a WebCam.
  • You may wish to use the scanner of your local library, print shop or internet cafe.

To save your images to a file select 'File', 'Save As' and name your file.

Please note that we accept PDF files and JPEG picture files. For larger files, you may use a compression software to reduce the file size such as Winzip.

Upon successful scanning of the required documents, you can then send us the images by e-mail.

Alternatively, if you currently have access to your account, you can upload the documents via the client. Please go to:

  1. HelpContact Support 
  2. Category → Account Security and Verification
  3. Sub-Category →  Upload Documents

Please ensure that the image composition and resolution of the images is of sufficient quality for us to review the relevant information contained within. The images must display the required document in its entire form without any cropping.


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