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Cannot connect on Windows: Errors -2/67 and -2/87

The error code you are receiving indicates that a firewall is blocking our software's access to the Internet.

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

  • Restart your computer and power off/on any network equipment you have connected (i.e. modem, router, access points).
  • Once your computer has restarted, verify that your Internet connection is working; then, reopen the program.

If this fails then...

Configure your firewall, it will be something like this process though the location will be different in each firewall:

  1. Open the firewall (double-click the firewall icon near the Windows system clock or locate it under the Start menu).
  2. Click on the Programs tab (or locate the program list inside your firewall's control panel).
  3. There may be a number of items in the program list:


  • PokerStars.exe
  • PokerStarsUpdate.exe
  • PokerStarsCommunicate.exe
  • PokerstarsBr.exe
  • PokerStarsComp.exe (.NET only)
  • Tracer.exe
  • xc.exe
  • xcw.exe
  • xcwxp.exe

Full Tilt

  • FullTilt.exe
  • FullTiltUpdate.exe
  • FullTiltOnlineUpdate.exe
  • FullTiltCommunicate.exe
  • FullTiltBr.exe
  • Tracer.exe
  • xc.exe
  • xcw.exe
  • xcwxp.exe

For each of these, change their permissions to Permit All or the equivalent of unrestricted access. Close the firewall and restart your computer.

If you continue to have difficulty accessing the site after making these changes, please tell us the name and version of any security software you are running.

In addition, please email us the following information:

  • Connection type (i.e. Dial-Up, Cable, DSL, Satellite, etc.)
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) (company name that provides your Internet service)
  • Log files

Below are the steps on how to manually locate these files on your computer:

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R (at the same time).
  2. Type the following or copy/paste into the area provided and press Enter:


  3. Locate and open our software's folder.
  4. Locate all files ending in log.0 or .log.1.
  5. Drag these files to the Desktop for easy access.
  6. Send an email to Support with the log files attached.

For Windows XP:

  1. Double-click My Computer on your Desktop or Start menu.
  2. Double-click C: drive to view your hard drive.
  3. Double-click on Program Files.
  4. Scroll down and double-click on our software's folder.
  5. Locate all files ending in log.0 or .log.1.
  6. Drag these files to the Desktop for easy access.
  7. Send an email to Support with the log files attached.


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