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Can family members also have an account

There is no problem if your family or friends would like to create a Stars Account with us. We welcome friends and family to join our community and play on our site. All they need to do is create a Stars Account with their real name and use their own email address.

To install our software they can visit the 'Download & Play' section from our website. Afterwards, in order to start the registration process they will simply need to launch the program and click on the "Create Account" button on the main lobby.

If at some point during the registration an error message is displayed stating no more accounts can be created, please ask them to send us an email mentioning your Stars ID to let us know an additional account is required.

Finally, if your family or friends live in the same household as you, please let us know about any new Stars Accounts, so we can ensure our Security Team does not think they are duplicates of your own account since duplicate accounts are not permitted and will be immediately closed when identified.


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