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Instant Bonuses - Zero surrender value

While all Instant Bonuses will offer the option to 'Surrender' the bonus, sometimes there will be no amount credited back to you by doing this. This is because some Instant Bonuses are made up only of a bonus amount, with none of your own funds included as part of the bonus. In such cases the surrender value will always be zero.

The only time when there is an actual surrender value is when the promotion takes your deposit and combines this with the value of the bonus, and the total is your Instant Bonus amount. In those cases, your own funds are part of the Instant Bonus, and as a result you are able to get some of those funds back by surrendering the bonus early.

By going to 'My Stars' > 'Bonuses' > 'Instant Bonuses' you can always see if there is any amount available for surrender by checking the 'Surrender Value' column.


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