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Checking your pending Instant Bonuses

You can check the status on any of your pending Instant Bonuses from your gaming software:

  • Desktop: My Stars > Bonuses > Instant Bonuses
  • Mobile: My Stars > Bonuses
  • Web application: Account > My Stars > Bonuses

On this page, you will see all of your pending Instant Bonuses, along with their value, progress and expiry date. You will also have the options to ‘surrender’ (give up) the bonus or ‘pause’ it.

Surrendering a bonus allows you to forfeit the bonus and receive a cash refund, minus any losses. But this option is only available with offers where you have deposited in order to receive the Instant Bonus. In cases where an Instant Bonus has been given separately from any deposit, there is no value to be surrendered.

Pausing a bonus allows you to work on converting another bonus first, in cases where you have multiple pending bonuses at the same time. You can always go back to the paused bonus and un-pause it as long as it hasn't expired yet.


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