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Instant Bonuses - Managing multiple bonuses

Only one Instant Bonus may be in use at any one time in an eligible game.

If you have multiple Instant Bonuses available for use in a particular game, each bonus will be added to the available balance as soon as the previous bonus has either met the redemption points requirement or has been:

  • surrendered;
  • paused;
  • used up.

You can manage the order in which multiple bonuses become available for use in your Instant Bonuses tab, accessed through the following menus:

Desktop software

  1. My Stars
  2. Bonuses
  3. Instant Bonuses

Mobile app

  1. My Stars
  2. Bonuses

Web application

  1. Account
  2. My Stars
  3. Bonuses

Instant multiple bonuses

To change the order in which you want to use your Instant Bonuses you'll need to swap them by selecting one of the bonuses from the left side and dragging it high or low depending on which one you prefer.


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