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Request hand history

You can review your hand history by requesting a text copy, which will be sent to your email address:

  1. Tools
  2. History & Stats
  3. Get Hand History

The last 100 hands you played, your hand histories for a period of time, all the hands you played in a tournament or any specific single hand can be requested. Play money and freeroll hands are not archived and cannot be retrieved.

You may wish to consider activating our Instant Hand History feature, available only in the Real Money version of our software, in order to immediately review your hands from within your poker client:

  1. Go to a table
  2. Top left corner menu: Table
  3. Instant Hand History

A window will pop up and the hand histories will be there. Note that if you close the software, the hand histories will not be stored unless you have specified otherwise, so you may not be able to get back to them afterwards.

You may use our graphical hand replayer. This feature allows a player to see the previous hands played back from start to finish:

  • Show previous hand icon in the upper left hand corner on your table window or
  • Choose the Visualize button in the Instant Hand History window

A replicated image of the hand on your table that just took place will be shown.

If you wish to view a wider range of hands that were played further back, then perhaps you would like to store your hands to your hard disk so you may view them when you wish to do so:

  1. Settings
  2. Playing History
  3. Hand History
  4. Save My Hand History
  5. Apply Changes


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