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Withdrawals: Unable to select the withdrawal method I want in the Cashier

If you don't see a payment method as a withdrawal option in the Cashier anymore, it is likely because you have not used it to deposit in the past 12 months. Once you make a new deposit, you should see it as a withdrawal option again, either immediately or 48 hours later, depending on the method.

If you have made a deposit in the past 12 months with any of the payment methods subject to our Withdrawal Policy, our system will automatically select those same methods in the Cashier when you request a withdrawal, until the amounts deposited with them have all been matched, starting with the oldest. Once all the amounts previously deposited have been matched, you'll be able to select any of the other payment options available in the Cashier to withdraw your funds.

If any of the methods selected by our system is no longer valid or you simply don't want to use it anymore, cancel your withdrawal request and email us the payment method details so we can remove it from your Cashier deposit and withdrawal options permanently.



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