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Unable to run the installation file in Windows

This issue is typically caused by one of two conditions:

  • Aggressive virus protection software
  • A corrupted partial download in your Temporary Internet Files folder

IMPORTANT: If your browser is set up in such a way that you automatically login to certain websites (e.g. email, shopping sites, forums etc.) then you may want to make sure that only the option for deleting the temporary files (cache) is checked when completing the steps.

A full list of steps to take on a variety of web browsers can be found by visiting the Wikihow website.

Once the steps on the Wikihow website have been taken delete any complete downloads of PokerStarsInstallUK.exe by following the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard
  2. Type cmd (without the quotation marks)
  3. Press Enter
  4. Type in the following commands (hit Enter after each line):
  5. CD \
  6. DEL /S PokerStarsInstallUK.exe

Finally, temporarily disable your antivirus software. It is safe to download our software with your virus protection temporarily disabled.

Then try to download and install the software again. Once our software is installed re-enable your antivirus software.


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