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Paysafecard: Declined deposit troubleshooting

Some possible reasons for your Paysafecard transaction being declined include:

  • Temporary connectivity issues.

  • Incorrect voucher information.

  •  Internet Explorer is not your default web browser or you have an outdated version.

  • Insufficient funds.  You can check your paysafecard balance on the paysafecard website.  Click on Services and then on Checking your balance.
  • Your card is for users under the age of 18 (paysafecard junior). This type of card can't be accepted for deposits, please contact paysafecard at
  • Your paysafecard currency is not the same as the one displayed on our Cashier.   Paysafecard may have applied a conversion fee to the available balance. For more information visit the paysafecard website.  Go to Services and click on Currency calculator.


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