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Paysafecard: Deposit troubleshooting (Germany)

Before retrying to deposit ensure that you are using the most recent version of your web browser, check the information entered is correct and that there are sufficient funds on the card to complete the deposit.

To check your paysafecard balance follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the paysafecard website
  2. Go to Services
  3. Then Checking your balance

Other reasons why your paysafecard transaction could be declined include:

  • Deposit attempt was more than the €100 maximum allowed per paysafecard deposit, try a lower amount up to a maximum of €100.
  • The deposit may have been cancelled, try to submit it again.
  • There may have been connectivity issues, try to deposit again later.
  • You have a paysafecard junior which is intended for underage use. If this is the case, please contact paysafecard customer service as they will exchange it for a paysafecard classic which you can use at Stars.

If you are depositing from your mobile device, aside from the possibilities mentioned above please verify that your PIN voucher is not locked by the issuer. If it is please contact the paysafecard service team by sending an email to or check help section of the paysafecard website.

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