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Pago Efectivo: Deposit instructions (Desktop)

To make a deposit with Pago Efectivo, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Stars Account.
  2. Click on Cashier and then on Make a Deposit.
  3. Select Pago Efectivo, review your current deposit limits and click on Deposit.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on Submit.
  5. Once redirected to the page hosted by PagoEfectivo, print or make a note of the CIP number.
  6. Take the CIP number and voucher amount to any of the following to complete your deposit within the next 5 days:
    • Banco Crédito del Perú
    • BBVA Continental
    • Interbank
    • Scotiabank
    • BanBif
    • Agente KasNet
    • Western Union
    • Fullcarga


Vouchers must be paid for the full amount in US dollars or exact equivalent in your local currency.

Also, Pago Efectivo vouchers can only be used once and you will need to request a new voucher every time you wish to complete a new deposit.

As soon as we receive confirmation of your deposit (approximately 15 minutes), we will update your Stars Account balance.



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