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MobilePayment: General information

MobilePayment is an option that allows you to fund your Stars Account using your Beeline, Megafon, MTS or TELE2 mobile phone pre-paid accounts.

Maximum limits per transaction:

  • Beeline mobile: 15000 RUB
  • Megafon: 5000 RUB
  • MTS: 14999 RUB
  • TELE2: 5000 RUB

The minimum deposit is 5 USD and the maximum amount you can deposit is 500 USD per transaction and every 24 hours.

Transaction requests are processed using RUB currency only.

To make a deposit with this option, you simply need to have an active Beeline, Megafon, MTS or TELE2 pre-paid account with your mobile network.

The mobile operators charge a fee as a percentage of the transaction amount:

  • Megafon charges 13.9%
  • Beeline charges 12% plus a 10 RUB SMS service fee
  • TELE2 charges 11%
  • MTS charges 10.8% on a successful deposit, plus a 10 RUB SMS service fee regardless of the payment status

No fees are charged by us on deposits.


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