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Instant eChecks: Deposit limits


Deposit limits for first-time depositors are:

  • Minimum deposit: 10 USD
  • Maximum transaction amount: 600 USD
  • Maximum daily combined deposit: 600 USD
  • Maximum weekly combined deposit: 750 USD 
  • Maximum monthly combined deposit: 2,000 USD
  • Maximum deposit attempts: 3 x 24 hours
  • Maximum amount of deposits: 1 x 48 hours

Once a deposit has successfully cleared, the amount of deposits allowed will automatically increase to 4 x 24 hours.


There are also tier limits set by our Instant eChecks processor: 

Tier Max No Amount
0 10 CAD 750
1 25 CAD 1,500
2 35 CAD 2,500
3 49 CAD 5,000

Unfortunately, we don't have access to changing or reviewing players' tier limits.

To review your current deposit limits, visit the Cashier and select Instant eChecks from the available deposit options.

To request a deposit limit increase (not available for first-time depositors), please email Support.



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