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Cards: Updating your card details

If you need to update the details of your currently registered card (i.e. expiry date, preferred currency, etc) or would like to register a new one, just go to our Cashier and make a deposit with it.

Before you submit your deposit request, you will also have these options:

  • Make this my Fast Deposit account: Select this box to make your new card your preferred option for future Fast Deposits.
  • Save payment information: Select this box to add your new card to the list of Previously used methods.

If you see a list of Previously used methods when you click on Make a Deposit, you will have the following options:

  • Deposit: Click here to use a previously used method to complete your deposit.
  • Remove: Click here to delete a previously used method from this window (the method can still be used in the future).
  • Other payment methods: Click here to see all other deposit options available to you.
  • Fast Deposit Options: Click here to review and edit your preferred method and amount for Fast Deposits.



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