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Cards: Charged for a declined deposit

If you see a debit for a rejected card deposit attempt on your bank statement, it is likely due to an authorization charge from your card issuer, which means they temporarily put the amount aside in order to ensure you had enough funds to cover the transaction.

Even though authorization charges are usually released automatically within 10-30 business days, we suggest you contact your bank or card issuer to confirm their policy on the releasing of held funds.

If the debit is still showing on your official card statement 10 business days after the date of the declined transaction, please contact us with a screen capture or digital picture of your card statement so we can investigate further. Note that we won't be able to set up an investigation with our processor until 10 business days have passed.

If you continue experiencing issues with your card deposits, we suggest you try a different payment method from the options available in the Cashier.


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