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Cards: Duplicate charges on bank statement

When you make a card deposit, your card issuer will first make an authorization charge to ensure that you have enough funds to cover your transaction.

Once the charge is settled - usually a few business days later - you may see a second debit for the same amount on your online bank statement.

However, the funds initially set aside for the authorization charge should be released automatically within 10 business days, leaving you with just one debit per deposit.

If what appears to be a duplicate charge is still showing on your official monthly statement after the date of the original charge:

  1. Contact your card issuer and confirm the transaction is settled.
  2. If it has, request the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) for that transaction.
  3. Email us that reference number along with a screen capture or digital picture of your bank statement showing all transactions from one day before the original charge until the present date.

We will only be able to investigate authorization charges if they haven't been released after 10 business days.


If your screen capture contains any of the following, please edit the information before sending it, otherwise, we will not be able to accept it and will delete it instead.

  • Card numbers: replace all characters except the first 6 and last 4 with asterisks e.g. 444444******4444.
  • Other account numbers: replace all characters except the first 1 and last 4 with asterisks e.g. 7*****7777.
  • IBANs: block all characters except the first two letters and last 4 numbers e.g. XX******************1234.

Once we have both the reference number and the screen capture, we will be in a better position to investigate the issue with our processor.


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