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Transferring funds between currencies

To move funds from one currency bankroll to another, choose the currency tab you wish to convert money into, and click the Convert other funds to [Currency] link.

The wizard that appears provides three options:

  1. I know how much money in other currencies I want to convert to [Currency]: Choose this if you know how much money you want to convert; for example if you know you want to convert US$100 to Euro.
  2. I know how many [Currency] I want to receive: Choose this if you know how much money you want to receive; for example, if you know you need €22 to buy into a tournament.
  3. I want to convert all my funds to [Currency]: Choose this if you want to convert all of your funds (including T-Money) into the new currency in one quick operation.

Click Next to move to Step 2 of the process, where you can enter the amount of money you would like to convert. To convert cash, enter an amount into the box marked ‘Cash’. To convert T-Money, enter an amount into the box marked ‘T-Money’. Then click ‘Next’ to move to Step 3.

In Step 3, you should carefully review the details of the transaction, then click ‘Finish’ to complete the conversion.

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