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Jackpot Jester slot

Jackpot Jester is a two balance bar slot game, where one bar belongs to the game and another bar belongs to the player.

The game starts with the same balance on both bars.

- If you place a bet and do not win, both bars match and nothing happens.

- If you win less than 100 coins (this is the minimum required to play a Super Game), let's say you win 80 coins, then you can collect the winnings or leave it in the game and continue playing to raise more funds for a Super Game. If you collect, your balance will not change as it is automatically added to your balance when you win.

- If you win 100 coins (or more), you can play the Super Game.

For example: You win $200. Your balance was $3,754.80 (including the 100 coins). You bet $10 and win $200 (under PAID). Your new balance is $3,944.80. You collect. The balance in the top Balance Bar increased by $200 and then it switched back to $3,944.80 as it already had the $200 included.


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