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Casino redemption points progress (not shown in decimals)

The report used for checking your pending casino instant bonuses currently does not show any fractions (decimals) of redemption points.

This means that your progress may show as 0, when in fact you have already played qualifying games, but have not yet to earned a full point. Or, for example, it may show as 2 when you have actually earned 2.5 points. Rest assured, all redemption points you earn are being calculated correctly, it is simply that you will only see the progress change once the next full point is earned.

You are welcome to contact our support team at any time and we will be happy to tell you exactly how many points (including decimals) you have.

As a reminder, the pending bonuses report can be found here:


  1. My Stars
  2. Bonuses
  3. Instant Bonuses


  1. My Stars
  2. Bonuses
  3. Manage Bonuses

Web application:

  1. Account
  2. My Stars
  3. Bonuses


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