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Bet behind option in Live Blackjack

We have introduced a new betting option in our Live Blackjack tables. The new betting option is called "bet behind". This allows a player who is not seated at a table to bet on another player who is currenctly active in the session.

If you have chosen "bet behind" option, the outcome of your bet is determined by how the other player has performed in that particular hand.

You will be given the chance to "bet behind" another player when the current active player at the table has enabled the option 'Allow other players to bet behind me'. The button to place your bet will be visible behind the seated player who has enabled that option.

Similarly, when you are the active player and have previously enabled 'Allow other players to bet behind me', that will automatically allow other players to place a bet behind you.

The minimum bet for this option is $1, except for Elite tables where the minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $200.00.


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