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Return to Player (RTP) in slot games

The theoretical Return To Player (RTP) percentage is different for each slot game.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ali Baba, Dragon Slot: 96.59%
  • 7 Lucky Dwarfs: 95.31%
  • Queen of Thrones: 94.92%
  • Zombie Rush: 94.89%
  • Mad Piñatas: 95.25%
  • Golden Rome: 95.24%
  • KGB Bears: 96.01%
  • The Voyages of Sinbad: 95.05%
  • Supernova: 97.05%
  • Treasure Island: 97.07%
  • Beowulf: 97.21%

You can check full information on RTP for each slot game on our website, under How to PlayCasino Games → and by selecting Slots from the drop-down. The page that opens has a list of all slots; just click on anyone to see a complete description including the RTP.


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