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Multi-currency conversion feature

With multi-currency conversion feature, you can exchange one currency to another automatically.

You must use this option if you want to play in a currency that is not your default. 

Mobile: More/Menu > Settings & Tools > Account > Auto-Convert Currencies
Desktop: Settings > Global > Multi Currency > Always convert currencies automatically without confirmation
Web client: Account > Settings > Multi Currency > Always convert currencies automatically without confirmation

Once you check this option, there will be no prompt for transaction approval and you can enjoy a smoother playing experience without interruption.

You may also use our new Credit Funds option, so when you leave a ring game, win a prize in a tournament, or unregister from a tournament, the money will be credited to your preferred currency, and automatically converted if necessary. Please check the option box (if you do not select this option, the winnings will remain in the game currency [USD]):

Desktop: Settings > Global > Multi Currency > Credit Funds in my Preferred Currency When Leaving Game
Mobile: More/Menu > Settings & Tools > Auto-Convert Currencies > 'When entering a game or placing a bet' and/or 'When leaving a game or settlement of a bet'

This option is not available in our Web client. We kindly ask you to use your desktop or mobile client or convert the funds manually.

Instructions for manual currency conversion:

Mobile: Cashier > More/Menu > Manage Currencies > Convert currencies
Desktop: Cashier > Select one [GBP/USD/CAD/EUR] > Convert other funds to [GBP/USD/CAD/EUR]
Web client: Account > Cashier > click on the 'hamburger' icon on the top right > Manage Currencies

Please note that Cashier > History will only show manual transactions and not the auto conversions.


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