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Multi-currency conversion feature

With our multi-currency conversion feature, players can automatically complete currency exchanges.

Players must use this option if they want to play in a currency that is not their default.

  • Desktop: SettingsGlobalMulti CurrencyAlways convert currencies automatically without confirmation

Multi Currency conversion

  • Mobile: More/MenuSettings & Tools → Auto-Convert Currencies
  • Web app: Account Settings → Multi CurrencyAlways convert currencies automatically without confirmation

Once users have opened the multi-currency window, they will be prompted with the following options:

  • Entering a game or placing a bet: any funds will be automatically converted from other currencies without request for approval, if they do not have enough funds in their preferred currency balance.
  • Leaving a game or settlement of a bet: any funds that come from leaving/unregistering from a game, winnings, prizes or bet settlements will be credited to their account in their preferred currency.

If they check the first option mentioned, it will result in a smoother and uninterrupted playing experience.


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