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Timeframe for order delivery

The delivery time for Rewards Store items varies according to each region, as follows:

Region Delivery Time
Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand  4-6 weeks
Middle East, Africa and rest of the world 6-8 weeks
Commonwealth of Independent States and Latin America  8-10 weeks

If you do not receive your order within the specified time frame, please contact our Support team. Otherwise, your package is assumed to have been delivered.


  • We do not offer express service and we cannot make exceptions. All orders are delivered in the same timeframe.
  • Orders older than three months (12 weeks from the date the order was placed) cannot be credited back unless they have been returned to us. This is why it is very important for you to email us straight after the expiration of the delivery timeframe for your region if you haven’t received, so that we may track it and investigate the delay.



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