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All-in Shootout lags

All-in Shootouts can at times experience lags. This is due to the nature of these tournaments, in which high numbers of players are being eliminated simultaneously, causing added strain on our servers.

One unfortunate side effect is that players may not be able to view in real time their hands played after the first table.

We understand the frustration this can cause; however we can assure you this is merely a visual error and your actual participation is in no way affected.

Feel free to request the hand history for any All-in Shootouts from the main lobby by going to:

'Tools' - > 'History & Stats' - > 'Get Hand History'

There, you can enter the ID number of the relevant All-in Shootout in the 'Tournament #' box. If you are unsure about a specific tournament ID, please contact our support team for assistance.


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