Information and features for account security enhancements

Your password protects the security of your account, and it should never be disclosed to anyone else.

If you want to enhance your account security, here are some extra features you can use:

  • PIN: This is a code issued to you used as an extra security feature in addition to your password. You'll need it each time you log in and also for certain activities such as Cashier-related transactions.
  • RSA Security Token (if available in your jurisdiction): This a small device that, once activated, is unique to your account, upgrading your login security to 'two-factor authentication'. With the token enabled, every time you log in, you'll be asked to enter your password and PIN, as well as the numbers displayed on your RSA Security Token. These numbers change every 60 seconds helping to defend against keyloggers and prevent unauthorized account access.

To apply any of these to your account, log in and go to:

  • Website: Account → Settings
  • Desktop: Settings → Account Details
  • Mobile app: Account → Login & Security

For more information and other ways to increase your account security, go here.


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