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Combining multiple Neosurf vouchers

If you would like to combine more than one voucher to make a single deposit for a larger amount, follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Click on 'My Card'
3. Enter the PIN code of the voucher you would like to add funds to and click on 'Submit'
4. Select the 'Transfer credit' option
5. Enter the PIN code of the voucher that you wish to debit funds from and click on 'Submit'

The funds will be transferred immediately as long as the balance on the voucher you intend to deposit with does not exceed 250 EUR.

Once the funds have been transferred:

1. Go to our Cashier
2. Click on 'Make a Deposit' and select the Neosurf logo
3. Enter your voucher PIN code and amount you wish to deposit
4. Confirm to submit your request

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