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Surrendering the 200% up to $400 bonus

The Instant Bonuses given with the 200% Casino Bonus promotion can be surrendered, in other words the bonus can be canceled and you can receive a cash credit in its place.

However, there is a very important rule to keep in mind whenever choosing this option:

The surrender value is calculated as the original purchase amount of your bonus minus any losses from the issued Instant Bonus.

This rule applies to not only this promotion, but any similar offer where your deposit becomes part of the bonus.

In these cases, any amount of the bonus which you have lost is an amount that can no longer be surrendered. Also, the bonus can only be surrendered before it has expired.

This information, plus other details about Instant Bonuses can be found in the "How to Play" section of our website.

Below are two examples to further explain:

Case #1 - You deposit $100 and receive a 200% bonus, so will start with a $300 instant bonus. If you lose $100, you will have zero left to be surrendered, as we take the original deposit amount ($100) and subtract from that the losses ($100).

In this case, you would still have $200 of your Instant Bonus remaining, but that amount can only be used at the tables and cannot be reclaimed by surrendering.

Case #2 - You deposit the same amount of $100 but only lose $50 and then wish to surrender what is remaining. In this case, you could still surrender an amount of $50.


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