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Claiming the 200% up to $400 bonus

We are offering a deposit bonus exclusively for players who have never played in our casino before. As long as you have never placed a single wager in the casino, you can make a deposit using the bonus code "CASINO" and we will grant you a 200% casino bonus up to a maximum bonus amount of $400.

When you claim this bonus, the deposited amount will become part of the bonus itself. For example, if you deposit $20, this $20 will be deducted from your cash balance in exchange for a $60 casino bonus.

The bonus money can be used at the casino tables immediately and converted to cash by earning 3 redemption points per every $1 of bonus.

From the time the bonus code is used, you will have a limited number of days to earn all the necessary redemption points. You can track your progress through the 'My Stars' section of your account as follows:

Desktop: 'My Stars' > 'Bonuses' > 'Instant Bonuses'
Mobile: 'My Stars' > 'Bonuses' > 'Manage Bonuses'
Web client: 'Account' > 'My Stars' > 'Bonuses'

Keep in mind that redemption points must be earned only in the casino; redemption points earned at poker tables will not count.


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