Three Musketeers

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Draw your sword, hoist up your breeches, buckle your bootstraps and make sure that the feather in your hat sits just right – it's time for a swashbuckling Slots adventure with The Three Musketeers. Athos, Porthos and Aramis are the three heroes of Alexandre Dumas' classic book and now they've made their way to the world of Slots.

The famous motto of the fencing trio is "all for one and one for all" and that is reflected in this game. Each of the Musketeers brings their own wild symbols and bonus feature to this 40-payline Slot, and all three of them watch over the reels as you spin.

They are also present on the reels, naturally, but not in the way you might expect – during any spin, one of their rapiers may slash wilds onto the reels to maximize your chances of multi-line wins. Each musketeer will slash vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the reels and leave wilds in the resulting pattern.

On top of that, the Musketeers themselves might appear as symbols. They do not pay out in the traditional way, but rather each appearance will result in the progress bar beneath their portrait filling up – plus, as you fill up the bar, the chance of hitting the respective wild symbols increases. When you have collected enough symbols and filled the bar, you will trigger the corresponding bonus feature:

  • Bar Bonus: triggered by filling the Porthos progress bar. You will have to guide Porthos through a luxury bar to pick up rewards and multipliers.
  • Offer Bonus: triggered by filling the Athos progress bar. Athos will offer you a choice of three random instant wins.
  • Wheel Bonus: triggered by filling the Aramis progress bar. You will spin a multiplier wheel and win the resultant prize.

Three Musketeers Features

Min Stake: $0.20
Max Stake: $200
Return to Player: 94.11%
Wager amount required to earn 1 redemption point: $7
Paylines: 40
Reels: Five
Scatter: None
Wild: Aramis Wild, Porthos Wild, Athos Wild
Bonus features: Aramis' Wilds, Porthos' Wilds, Athos' Wilds, Offer Bonus, Bar Bonus, Wheel Bonus
Provider: Red Tiger Gaming (Leander)

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