Dragon Slot Jackpot

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Do you have what it takes to defeat the three dragons that stand in the way of this kingdom of magnificent jackpots? For a real fiery thrill, start playing Dragon Slot Jackpot today!

Based on the popular Dragon Slot, this reincarnation has been given a new twist, making it even better than the popular classic.

Fantastic features like the Dragons Fight Bonus and Free Spins Bonus remain, giving you the chance to multiply your bets and earn free spins, while the skull mask scatter and golden dragon wild help you maximise your combinations. However, a few more sizzling enhancements mean you can win even bigger prizes than before.

Dragon Slot Jackpot has 50 paylines instead of 20, meaning more winning combinations from every spin. But the real highlight has to be the Progressive Jackpots on offer. There’s not just one, but three!

The Progressive Jackpots are shared with Ali Baba Jackpot, another popular choice from our Slot collection, and it grows as players spin on either game. Every single time a bet is placed on either Slot, it helps contribute to a prize pool that could be won at any time, by any player, playing either Slot.

There are three jackpots that you could win:

  • The Silver Jackpot with a minimum return of $100
  • The Golden Jackpot with a minimum return of $1,000
  • The Platinum Jackpot with a minimum return of $10,000

As each jackpot is randomly triggered, you could win from any spin.

And as the odds of winning each jackpot are proportional to your total bet amount, the bigger your bet, the better your chances of winning the Platinum Jackpot and a thrilling $10,000.

Fire up this hot Slot today and see if you can lay your claim to the biggest jackpot in the gaming kingdom.

Please see below on the ‘Jackpot Details & Rules’ section for more detailed information regarding the Slot’s Jackpot feature(s).

Dragon Slot Jackpot Features

Min Stake: $0.01
Max Stake: $100
Return to Player: 98.19%
Wager amount required to earn 1 redemption point: $18
Paylines: 50
Reels: Five
Scatter: Skull mask
Wild: Golden dragon
Bonus features: Dragons Fight Bonus & Free Spins Bonus
Provider: Leander

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Jackpot Details & Rules

  • When the game is initially launched, the jackpot values displays a prize of USD $100 for the Silver Jackpot, USD $1,000 for the Gold Jackpot and USD $10,000 for the Platinum Jackpot (or its equivalent in the player’s session currency), as those are the seeding value.
  • 0.69% of each bet received is added to the pots (0.165% for the Sliver Jackpot, 0.2% for the Gold Jackpot and 0.325% for the Platinum Jackpot).
  • These jackpots do not have ceiling values, so each one will grow until it is granted.
  • Every time a jackpot prize is awarded, that pot is reset to its initial seeding value.
  • The Progressive Jackpots available in this game can be won by any player and are randomly triggered. The odds of winning the jackpots are proportional to the total bet amount, the bigger the bet, the better are the chances of winning.
  • There is no chance of simultaneous winners for the same jackpot prize. The player will be notified in case of winning.

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