Diamond Stars

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Launch yourself into the Las Vegas experience in Diamond Stars. This exclusive Slot game combines classic features with modern effects and vibrant neon lights to bring the game to life.

With nine winning combinations and five paylines, there are plenty of ways to win. Land three-of-a-kind and be rewarded with a cash prize. But hitting three-of-a-kind isn’t a necessity in this versatile Slot, as you can also pick up a win with a combination of spade and bar symbols.

There are plenty of eye-catching neon symbols which will reap hearty rewards, including three-of-a-kind Red Spades for 100x your line bet. But what you want to keep your eyes peeled for is the Diamond Stars Wild.

With each Wild comes a multiplier value of either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. The value of the multiplier will appear on the symbol. Hit multiple Wilds and your potential winnings will skyrocket. For example, hit two 4x multipliers and you’ll get a 16x boost. There’s the chance to win up to 80x when hitting multiple wilds. So, if your luck’s in, there’s the potential for a huge windfall.

Last but not least, the Vegas experience wouldn’t be complete without a four-tiered Progressive Jackpot. There are four types of coins that can be collected: Mega, Super, Midi and Mini. Hit three of the same coin to be awarded the respective Jackpot.

You’ll see a live running total at the top of the Diamond Stars game window giving you the latest Mega Jackpot total. Win it to claim an incredible prize and make your Vegas dreams a reality, online!

Please see below in the ‘Jackpot Details & Rules’ section for more detailed information regarding the Slot’s Jackpot feature(s).

Diamond Stars Features

Min Stake: $0.05
Max Stake: $50
Return to Player: 95.23%
Wager amount required to earn 1 redemption point: $7
Paylines: Five
Reels: Three
Scatter: None
Wild Symbol: Diamond Stars Logo
Bonus features: Wilds
Provider: The Stars Group

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Jackpot Details & Rules

  • Diamond Stars has a four-tier Progressive Jackpot.
  • Win condition (the result the player must get to win the Jackpot): Entering the Jackpot game guarantees a win. Match three Jackpot symbols of the corresponding Jackpot to win.
  • Available during the main game only.
  • Win requirements (what you need to do to win a Jackpot): Play the Diamond Stars Slot.
  • All bets, even minimum bets qualify to win a Jackpot. Every spin and every amount can guarantee access to any of the four Jackpots.
  • The higher the bet the higher the proportional probability of winning a Jackpot. The bigger the bet, the better the chances of winning.
  • All symbols pay left to right (Reels 1-5) only in consecutive order, including the scatter.
  • The tiered Progressive Jackpot is seeded at the following values:
    • Mini: 50 GBP
    • Midi: 500 GBP
    • Super: 5,000 GBP
    • Mega: 100,000 GBP
  • This game displays the prize value in the player’s session currency, as this is the base prize value.
  • Every time each Jackpot is awarded, the pot is reset to the base prize value.
  • From each bet received, 1% is added to the Progressive Jackpot.
  • Each level of jackpot is funded through a fixed percentage of total bet which is 0.3% for the Mega Stars Jackpot, 0.2% for the Super Stars Jackpot, 0.2% for The Midi Stars and 0.3% for The Mini Stars Jackpot.
  • This Jackpot does not have a ceiling value, so it will grow until it is awarded.
  • If two players win the same Jackpot one after another, the first will win the Jackpot for its value at that time, the second player wins the minimum value of the Progressive Jackpot and the portion accumulated during the time between the first and second player winning the Jackpot.

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