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Hold’em Switch™ is a great game that combines the best of Heads-Up Hold’em with a casino twist. In Hold’em Switch™, you compete against the dealer to see who can make the best five-card hand, but with the option to switch your hole cards before seeing the community cards to try and get a better hand.

Get great pre-flop bonuses for any Ace or Pair, with up to 30x your Bonus Bet for pocket Aces, and up to 500x your ante for a Royal Flush.

Basic rules and betting

Hold’em Switch™ uses a standard, single 52-card deck of cards. Players start by placing a wager in the Switch Bet box. In addition, the player can also wager on an optional side bet, called a Bonus Bet.

Once all bets are placed, two cards are dealt face up to you and two cards face down to the dealer. The player must now decide to Play or Switch.

If the player decides to Play, the dealer’s cards are revealed and the five community cards are dealt face up.

If the player decides to Switch, two new hole cards are dealt to you face up, followed by the dealer’s cards and the five community cards.

The player and the dealer make the best five-card poker hand using any combination of the two initial cards and the five community cards.

The best five-card poker hand wins, while hands of equal value are a tie. Standard five-card poker hand rankings are used and there is no ranking among suits.

Ante Bet Pay Table: Make a Straight or better and receive the following Ante Bonus regardless of the dealer’s hand:

Straight 3x
Flush 5x
Full House 7x
Four of a Kind 50x
Straight Flush 100x
Royal Flush 500x

Bonus Bet Pay Table: Play the Bonus Bet and get paid the following on any pre-flop Ace or Pair:

Any Ace 3x
22-TT 5x
JJ 10x
QQ 15x
KK 20x
AA 30x

Please Note: Hold’em Switch™ is a Casino game, and completely different to our Texas Hold’em poker games. See here for more about our full offering of poker games.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) in Hold’em Switch™ is as follows:

Your Switch Bet will be distributed as 25% ante and 75% bet.

Switch Bet: 97.67%

Bonus Bet: 97.74%

Please contact Support if you have any questions about Hold’em Switch™.

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